Things you will need!

1. wooden Letters
2 .Spray Paint (color of your choice)
3. clear gloss spray paint
4. Paint brushes(little black sponge ones work good)
5 .newspaper
6. Stain
7. Modge Podge
8. pen or pencil
9.  scissors 
10. old rag

11. sand paper

1. Cut out the Pieces of the news paper you want (i used the paragraph parts)

2. Trace your Letters on to the back part of the news paper you are going to use make sure you turn the letters backwards also. So when you go modge podge them. they will fit correctly.

3. Spray Paint your letters the color that you choose.

4. While your spray paint is drying cut out the letters you traced.

5. After your spray paint is dry, brush on some of the modge podge to the wooden letters, Add the newspaper you just cut out then add more modge podge to the top of them. Do that for all the letters you have. I would suggest doing them one at a time so the modge podge dont dry while your adding the newspaper.

6. After the modge podge newspaper dries on the wooden letters Use the sand paper around the edges to give it a old look, some of the newspaper might come off like you can tell in the above picture. But i liked the way it looked.

I even lightly sanded over the whole letter to give it some roughness.

7.After  you said it the way you like it. Get your old rag and some stain and light rub some onto your letters. I rubbed some on lightly then rubbed it off just enough to give it the old look. do that til you get it the way you like it.

8. After the stain dries. Spray all the letters with the Clear gloss so nothing is Sticky. Allow that to dry. 
Then hang where ever you like <3